The hazard identification and risk assessment provide the factual basis for activities proposed in the mitigation strategy that will reduce losses from identified hazards. The risk assessment process allows the State to evaluate hazard risk to the overall population, vulnerable populations, infrastructure, buildings, critical facilities, and community lifelines. The assessment outcomes will help the State identify a mitigation strategy that will make a more resilient State of West Virginia.

To meet the requirements for the risk assessment, each hazard profile will include the following:

  • Identify and describe all hazards that affect the State.
  • Identify state assets, including state-owned or operated buildings, infrastructure, community lifelines, and critical facilities.
  • Analyze, determine, and summarize the vulnerability of state assets to damage and loss from the identified hazards.
  • Analyze and summarize vulnerability to local and tribal (as applicable) jurisdictions.

The Planning Team identified 16 hazards that pose a risk to West Virginia. Details on each hazard and its impacts on the State are found here.