A variety of partners were invited to participate in the update of the State HMP. This included meetings, surveys, calls, and material reviews.


The following surveys were distributed to various departments, agencies, and stakeholders to collect input on hazard mitigation and concerns in the State. Please note that the period to complete the surveys has now ended.

  • State Departments and Agencies
  • County Emergency Managers
  • Other Stakeholders
  • Neighboring Communities
  • Academia
  • Local Floodplain Managers


Meetings were held regularly throughout the planning process to share information and participate in workshops to identify hazards; assess risks; review existing inventories of and identify new critical facilities, assets, infrastructure, and lifelines; assist in updating and developing new mitigation goals and strategies; and provide continuity through the process to ensure that hazard vulnerability information and appropriate mitigation strategies were incorporated throughout the plan. A list of the different meetings is below and meeting materials are posted here.

  • Kick-off meetings with plan participants – Steering Committee and State Planning Team
  • Coordination meetings with federal and state departments
  • Capability assessment webinars with plan participants and stakeholders
  • Reviewing risk assessment
  • Reviewing and updating the goals of the HMP
  • Mitigation strategy
  • Draft review meeting